1983 Ford Marquis Brougham stalling out in idle

  • 1983 FORD

I am almost at my wits end with this car. The car has 65, 000 km on it, and has just been through it's first winter. It was my grandmother's car and sat idle in a garage from age 3 - 17. Old fuel in the system did much damage. After replacing the gas tank, fuel line, float, choke, and having the carbuerator cleaned in 1999 the car worked great. About 6 months ago, started having problems with shaking at the stop lights. This is a long story. To summarize, over the course of time my mechanic has replaced the wires, spark plugs, distributor cap, brand new battery, vaccuum hose, radiator hose, pipes into the choke, etc.
At first, the car started shutting down in the snow. Lights would dim and it would stall out at traffic lights. The mechanic suspected the electrical system and replaced the wires, plugs, cap etc. The car seemed to work, but the other day it did the same thing. The car stayed on for some 15 minutes and then would die out if parked or idling. Mechanic poured a hose over car and decided it was the ignition coil.
Last week, the car started shaking at the lights. I put it into park to give it gas. But could not keep the car on. Took it back to the mechanic and he said the drum needed resurfacing and the carbeurator screws needed to be re-set. Took it home. It shook at every light and stalled out almost the minute the brakes slowed her down. Even on the highway, it shook while shifting gears. (It is an automatic). The car would shake and slow, and then shift to a higher speed. When I turned in my lane, it died while doing aprox 20km. I started it but once shifted to drive it would quit again. (While the shaking occurs, even the passenger seat moved. )And the dash lights dim and brighten.
My mechanic is completely baffled. He has checked the heat stove, the transmission, fuel pump, alternator. Problem is. When the weather isn't wet. And on certain occassions the car works fine. Also connected with this problem is a clunking sound that is quite pronounced each time the gas pedal is let up and down. This only happens when the car is acting up. The car is in mint shape and the mechanic assured me all parts are great. But I can't get any reliability from this car. HELP

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 AT 9:07 PM

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