95 gt Mustang clutch problems


Hey guys i have what i think would be a 2 part question im a tech for goodyear auto service and i have a 95 mustang gt5.0 with 83k on it i've had the car for 6 years and been having clutch problems with it i recently recplaced the clutch and piolet bearing and throw out bearing on it 5k later i believe it needs a new clutch when i go to take off the clutch grinds i'm thinkin a broken spring is the disk? any how any idea why my car is eating my clutches my other question is my clutch pettle is very very still i've driven lots of mustangs being a tech and none come close to this car my leg gets sore driving a few miles does my cable need replaced?and lastly ever since i've had my car my b&m short throw shifter has had alot of vibration coming up into the handle enough to make my hand go numb when driving and when banging the gears the car wont go into any gear with out the rpms goin back to to below 2000 rpm are my synconizers goin out on my car? as well its just really a hard car to get into gear moving or not moving at all as well when down shifting the tranny makes a wineing noise.


i've had this car to three garages including mine and we are all confused with this car any ideas i'm open for ideas thanks

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Sunday, February 4th, 2007 AT 1:08 AM

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