2004 Ford Mustang idle is rough - car sometimes dies at sto

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 69,000 MILES
Just had the clutch replaced on the stang. Now, car seems to be driving rough and the idle is rugged. Shifting into first after idling at a light is a crapshoot - will the car die? Once it gets going, though, it's all good. I feel like I recently got some bad gas. Is there anything I can do short of putting it back in the shop for a week? Add a gas additive?
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Monday, February 8th, 2010 AT 9:21 PM

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First, is your check engine light coming on? If so, that's the place to start. Have your computer scanned and get back with me with the codes. I'll help you from there. (AutoZone will do this for free)

If you believe you have gotten some bad gas, you could either let the tank run completely empty or put in a bottle of Heet with a full tank.

And your recent clutch replacement doesn't necessarily mean it's related to your current issue.

And honestly, yours doesn't sound like a fuel related issue. If it were poor gas, weak pump, clogged filter or bad injector, the engine wouldn't smooth out once you get up to speed. It would be even worse and probably refuse to accelerate. (A leaking FPR may make the engine run rough at idle but smooth out at speed)

You could check your plugs to see how each of your cylinders are firing. (Let your engine idle roughly for 5-10 minutes then pull the plugs. This'll tell you if one of the cylinders is misfiring)

The best thing to do is have a drivability test performed with a Ford scanner. This will completely open up all of the computers monitors. And a knowledgeable technician will be able to interpret the data and easily make a fix. But of course that won't be free like AutoZone.
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Friday, February 12th, 2010 AT 7:50 AM

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