2000 Ford Mustang



January, 8, 2007 AT 12:40 AM

Hi, ive been having problems with my engine. It makes a loud clacking sound when I turn it on and when I drive you can hear it slightly. I put transmission fluid and engine oil and the radiator is good except for a little leak. When I put some engine oil and took the cap off I seen smoke come out. But the clackin sound wont go away and its worrying me because I think its my motor of I just blew a head gasket or something. Can anybody help? I would appreciate it alot. Thanks


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January, 8, 2007 AT 6:06 PM

Sometimes its difficult to locate strange sounds.

Some indications of a bad head gasket can be: oil that is white and creamy/foamy, exhaust in the cooling system, a lot of white steamy smoke out the tailpipe.

A tiny bit of smoke out the oil cap is normal with the car running. It's from the combustion event past the piston rings.

If you should think that your clacking sound is from a bad rod or bad pin, then the best way I've heard to check is to pull a plug wire one at a time while the car is running. If it's bad rod, the clacking noise will become louder, if it's bad pin, the noise will go away or all but go away. Your check engine light will probably come on because you're disabling each cylinder in turn, but it will go off after a while.

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