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Transmission problem
2003 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

Hello. Recently, the focus lost all power to the wheels. I don't normally drive the vehicle so this will be difficult to address, but I'll do my best to answer the questions. The catch points for the clutch was about an inch in when pushing clutch. The rest of the play to the floor was pointless. There is brake/clutch fluid on the car mat below the clutch pedal. The car NOW does not move forward or reverse when engaging or disengaging clutch. I was reviewing the shift linkage under the car on the transmission and it is moving. I don't suspect an issue with the transmission but I want to get a better second opinion. Today I replaced the clutch master cylinder above the clutch pedal. Tomorrow I'll bleed the system and see if that resolves the issue. Does anyone think the clutch puck disc or flywheel or clutch pressure plate would be the issue and possibly totally torn/ruined? I'll end up dropping the whole unit so I can inspect both. I just need some feedback on what people think the issue might be.

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Sunday, October 18th, 2009 AT 10:19 PM

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