2010 Ford Fiesta turbocharger and preformance chip

  • 2010 FORD FIESTA
Engine Performance problem
2010 Ford Fiesta 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

can my car have a turbocharger and a preformance chip?
Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 AT 8:40 PM

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Sure you can turbo your car and there is either a chip or more likely a piggyback or standalone application to boost the ECU.
Like the famous quote form the first Road Warrior movie, Mad Max..."Like the sign says, "speed's just a question of money. How fast you wanna go?""

The big thing to think about is, by the time you spend the dough to make your Fiesta muy caliente, you will spend enough money to have bought a new Mustang or Civic SI or your pick. There is a vicious version of the Focus available in JDM trim. It as a 350WHP turbo plant hooked up to a 6 speed mixer and a nice body kit to boot. But, we don't get all the goodies that Japan gets..yet.
Google the Focus, in the mean time check out the following link;
but remember this as well;
When you modify a car and you stray further and further from the stock version, the money spent per horsepower gained goes up exponentially. Meaning, start with a mustang at 300 HP at a cost of $25,000.00. Add in a turbo kit =$5000.00 labor to put it in and tune it right =$3000.00, big brake kit =$1000.00 money to put it on =$500.00, and so on and you end up with about a $35,000.00 price tag but the parts are bolt-ons and the car can handle some of the stuff you throw at it.
I am sure you have hear that your Fiesta will not be the same as aftermarket bolton is not as easy to come by.
To make a motor for your car that can handle a turbo would be around $10,000.00 and the wiring harness and computer changes around $1500.00 or more and the turbo would be custom and so would the exhaust=$10,000.00 and blah blah.
The biggest thing to remember is where you want the car to go. The Mustang may not be your cup of tea and the Fiesta is something you really want to be different as it would be a statement of who you are. Trust me, I understand the, "Labor of Love" as I have put over 3000 hours and plenty of $$$ into a 1990 Integra and it is still not a barnstormer, so you kind of have to follow your heart there.
But the point between the Mustang and the Fiesta analogy is this, the Mustang chassis,and this can be any production rod, in it's top form is meant to handle 500 HP and be okay. The fiesta is designed for 125 HP or so. So when you make that turbo motor with 300 WHP, you will need a clutch, Tranny and axles that can handle the job. Not to mention, the suspension, all the custom brackets and hangers and say goodbye to your A/C and P/S. You'll need custom big brakes to stop even that light weight Fiesta now that it's rollin.
I am not trying to squish your dream, in fact I think cars that are out of the box are only made by people who don't follow trends, think for themselves and have to solve all the problems inherent with making something go fast that was not meant to. If that weren't true the term, "Street Sleeper", would never have come about.
I have seen to many of these dreams die because the end was never thought out. Sure, I have seen people shoehorn the cliche small block chevy into the S-10 and it is not hard to do these days. But they did not think about the tranny or the driveshaft or the rear end gears or this or that. So, they start it up, go around the block and stomp it, go "KICK A" and it breaks something. Just think about the end result and not just the turbo motor in the car..think about the Fiesta to top out ALL FIESTAS and Mustangs and even Corvettes. It is a little car and there is enthusiast knowledge out there to make these plans as you will find at the site I gave you the short cut too.
But those guys , as well as I, will tell you that if reliability is an issue, get another car for your daily driver and Mac out the Fiesta for Drag Races and Enthusiast get togethers.
However, don't be surprised as Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) hot rods come our way as the gas and recession crunch our wallets.
Take a look at things to come;


And this link:


Huh? A Fiesta Turbo with a WARRANTEE!!
You think the monthly payment and insurance will be too much, that is sticker shock, but before you know it you'll willingly put yourself into debt for your Fiesta dreams.
So, be patient, Research, research and research what others have done. Research what is to come.
Check out how much it will really cost to get your dream car to its true well thought out glorious end where it will be able to smoke the tired and beat Corvettes and give you notoriety and glory!
Good Luck and you gotta let me know how it goes.
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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 AT 10:01 PM

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