7.3 powerstroke flywheel question

  • FORD F-350

I got a 94 (earlypowerstroke)and a 96 f350 an my dual mass fly wheel has shot craps in my 94 an im thinking of putting a LUK solid flywheelan clutch kit in the94 and down the road in my 96. Of course the company says its the best thing in the powerstroke since sliced bread, they say its gives it a whine and certain vibration at said rpm tosaid rpm forgot but it was in the 1000to 1500 range if memory serves, im assuming ittl have a bit more rigid feel to it but they say the clutch dampens where the dual mass flywheel use to. My question is has any one put 1 in and how they likem and the pros an cons to them I like the sound of these kits just trying to get a answer from some one with experience before setting the 94 up with it. As I got 313000 with the dual mass fly wheel and am satisfied, but if I can get equal or better with the luk for around 1000 bucks less ill go that route thanks owen

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Friday, October 5th, 2007 AT 11:02 PM

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