1991 Ford F-250 4X4 7.3 Diesel E4OD Transmission Rebuild

  • 1991 FORD F-250

Transmission problem
1991 Ford F250 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 250000 miles

Drove up a mountain. O/D light started flashing. Fluid level OK. Drove home about 100 miles w/o 4th gear around 50 mph. Stopped along the way for lunch. Truck wouldn't move in fwd or reverse when I tried to back out of the parking spot. Finally after some clunks, lurches and nasty grinding noises I managed to get it out of the parking space. Continued home in first three gears but trans seemed to slip a little more. Pulled continuous memory codes 29 (insufficient input from vehicle speed sensor VSS), 62(converter clutch error) and 69 (3-4 shift error). Cleared codes per the Ford manual and took truck for test drive to see if codes would reappear. They did not, but truck stopped dead and would not move in drive or reverse. After about 20 minutes truck limped home about 10mph max. There was no indication of excessive heat by smell or touch. Checked line pressure- at idle in all gear positions 22psi, in reverse stall 1900rpm@110psi, in drive & 2 stall 1700rpm@105psi, in 1st position stall 1800rpm@100psi. Dropped pan and found about 1/2 cup of metal filings. Pulled transmission. The filter, accumulator, main control and solenoid bodies secure. Check balls OK. O/D & intermediate clutch pack and intermediate band OK. Reverse sun, planet, ring gear, thrust washers & reverse clutch pack damaged. Have not disassembled remaining individual units yet. I plan to flush out the trans cooler & lines.

Talked to a transmission shop who felt E4OD trans rebuild was not for beginners. Numerous mods needed to make it dependable. He said the pump needs a mod (he wouldn't say what it was). Also the center support has been redesigned. He felt converter clutch burnout was a problem because of insufficient oil pressure. He suggested a shift kit and a billet steel converter($600. As opposed to $300. For a standard converter). He wanted $350. For a rebuild kit. Autozone wants $220. For an ATC-PRO-KING rebuild kit & $200. For a rebuilt torque converter. I think the previous owner said that a shift kit was installed when he had the trans rebuilt (it's always shifted pretty firm). I've had the truck 7 years and put about 50,000 miles on it. I have not towed much with it but would like to in the future.

1-Besides a rebuild kit, torque converter & reverse planetary assembly what other mods and or parts need to be installed in the trans.
2- Do I need a Billet steel converter?
3-Is the Autozone rebuild kit &converter OK?
4- Anything else to watch out for that's not in the Ford shop manual? Are there service bulletins available from Ford that may have updated procedures?
5-How prudent is just replacing the Reverse/low planetary assy. & Clutch pack since the other clutch packs, thrust & needle bearings look OK and having the converter, cooler lines & cooler flushed out.
6-How can I tell if a shift kit was installed?

Thanks for the help.

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