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Engine Performance problem
1989 Ford F250 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 45000 miles

I have a 1989 Ford, F-250. It has a 5.8L Windsor (351ci).

The truck is the XLT Lariat (Cruiser, AT w/OD, AC, dual gas tanks).

Sorry, but this will be a long story to give you as much info as possible.

The truck has 75k on the chassis, and 45k on the driveline. My grandfather had the entire engine/trans/rearend replaced under warranty by ford, and the truck is hardly ever used. It sits a LOT and was just a backup (extra) vehicle, so it has really low mileage for its year.

I went to drive the truck, and it basically falls flat on its face. It has absolutely no power over say 2k RPM, if you try to rev it up, it starts to shake badly, and the ignition breaks up. If you try to drive it, you can do maybe 10mph. It just will not go.

Now it will start right up every single time with no problems at all, and idle just fine.

It had the check engine light on/off intermittently for a while (which I never got around to checking for maybe 6 months).

When it started acting up with the running problem, I scanned it with a snap-on scanner, and it threw codes for the EGR (which is where I discovered a burned mess).
I had the alternator replaced, and it seems the tech that did it, was too lazy to properly remove the supporting bracket in the rear, and just used a torch to cut it off. This let the vacuum hoses/wiring for the EGR Valve, and EGR Position solonoid get burned. This was what was throwing the codes for the CEL to come on.

I replaced the EGR Valve, EGR Position solonoid, both pig tails, and all of the vacuum hoses.
after I repaired all of this, the codes are no longer present, and do not come back no matter what I do, so I believe I have firmly resolved the CEL issue, but this did NOTHING for the way the truck runs (I had assumed this was why the truck was running poorly, but it wasnt). It still runs like absolute garbage with no acceleration/pickup whatsoever

It was due for a tune-up regardless, so I went ahead and did a Cap/Rotor/Wires/Plugs, Air filter, fuel filter, Throttle body clean, the works.


I noticed a small coolant leak on a bypass hose that runs under the intake, so I replaced the hose, but noticed it was spraying coolant right into the TPS.

I ran a test and the TPS voltage range was out of spec, so I replaced the TPS.

NO CHANGE. Truck still runs like garbage

I ran complete fuel system pressure tests. Both low pressure pumps are in spec, so is the high presssure pump. (40psi). Plenty of fuel flow at the fuel rail.

I unbolted the exhaust pre-cat. Just to make sure it wasnt a backpressure issue.


At this point being completely out of ideas, I figured I had two choics left, Distributor or ECM. I have known ford Distributors to crap out, and it was also in the same vicinity of that coolant hose that was leaking and was all corroded.

So, I replaced the entire distributor with a reman, that included a module. Reset timing (which was still dead on).

NO CHANGE. Truck runs like garbage.

OK great. Only thing I can think of at this point (unless you guys have some ideas), is that it may be the ECM has crapped out.

I pulled it out, and found it the truck already has a REMAN ECM installed in it.

Now here is where it gets problematic. The ECM I pulled iout of the truck is #:
That code comes up as for a 1990, NOT an 89.

Because the driveline was changed under warranty (back in 1992), I now do not know what the "exact" year of the driveline should be.

Should I replace the ECM with the one that was in it, or should I try to find the right ECM for an 89?

Is there something else you think can be causing the problem?


Complete lack of power, no acceleration, runs fine idle to 2k RPM, then runs like garbage.


EGR Valve,
EGR Solonoid
EGR Position sensor
TPS (Throttle position sensor)
Complete tune up (Cap/Rotor/Wires/Plugs/Filters)

Please help! This was just an extra truck that didnt get used much, but now my main car got totalled and I need to drive this ASAP!

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, March 5th, 2010 AT 8:01 AM

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