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FORD F-100 1983 4.9L inline 6 only 70,000 miles. Just bought the truck at a steal but was not maintained! The brake problem I am 99% sure is a bad pressure differential valve because I am not getting no fluid in the pipe to the flex hose at rear. Dearer wants $200 junk yard 5. Question do I have to get 1 off the same year and model or will a F-150 work. Can this cause the no brake light as I see no wires to the hand brake system. I do not see how it works and I have to have it working to pass inspection. Also do you know of an internet parts store that would sell this part as I would like to get it new and can't find 1. FRED

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 AT 2:02 PM

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Ford F-100 1983 with 4.9L inline 6 71000 miles Thanks for the help but I have no leakes. You want believe it but the twist light holder was corroded and not letting the light bulb get power. I cleaned the piece and now the brake light comes on when I turn the key to start the car. The Valved moved shutting the rear brakes off and it is doing its' job with the brake light own all the time. But the main question is how does the foot brake light work as there is no wires or switch from the brake handle to the brake shoes. Does putting pressure on the rear brake cause the valve to move turning on the light that way? I got a Haynes and a Ford Wiring dia. And it doesn't help at all. I even looked at a couple of junk yard trucks some had a switch mounted to foot brake assmly. But my truck has no wires near it. FRED

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Friday, May 4th, 2007 AT 1:55 PM

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