Loss of power from take-off and in low RPMs

  • FORD F-150

-2000 F150
-5.4L V8
-123,000 miles

I recently realized a mistake I made when changing out a coil. Around 3 months ago, I had a misfire on cylinder #7, and my check engine light came on. A month after I changed the #7 coil, all the spark plugs, and the fuel filter, the trucks check engine light was still on. I finally figured out that I was driving around without the M.A.S. Connected. Once I re-connected it, the check engine light turned off, and quite a bit of power was restored. Now, even with the restored power, I have a VERY slow take off, and it takes longer than normal for me to speed up. I guess the best way to describe whats happening is it feels like i'm towing something when i'm not. The truck just feels like its lost power somewhere. The only other recent services I performed was an oil change about 1,500 miles ago, and I replaced the PCV valve about 300 miles ago. (Just throwin any info your way to try and help you help me) There are some modifications to the truck, K&N Cold Air Intake, BBK Throttle Body Spacer, and true dualed out exhaust with a dual in/dual out Flowmaster Muffler. Any help on what I can do to restore my lost power would be great.

Thanks, Andrew

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 AT 12:16 PM

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