Ford 150 motor / trans connection

  • 1915 FORD F-150

Hello all,
Here's the deal:
1998 F150, v6, 5speed standard, 4.2 gas motor, 117,000 miles, short wide.

The past two full days my brother and I been trying to work with this and I've got very frustrated, it seems that every little fart'n thing that could make it tough has done so.

I got the motor out today because the (I believe) the front main bearing is going out. Makes noise and oil seeps from the seal.
I don't have the money to take it to a ford house for them to stick it to me on labor, that's why I decided to try it myself. I also went and got a Haynes book to try and help me out. That thing isn't even accurate on how the belt goes on.

WELL, got the motor disconnected, put on a cherry picker, and off the transmission. Came off pretty viloent too. THEN couldn't get it out of the front end without wrecking the air cooler. I have removed the radiator. I've got frustrated with it because I've worked on a few GM's before, not ford and GM's are SO MUCH easier from my experiences. SO, I decided I would just put the dang thing back together, screw putting a new bearing in, and try to just trade it off. One side of the motor we left the exhaust manifold and the other we couldn't un-bolt the pipe on the manifold behind the motor, the bolts are rusted. We stripped em with the first size, then I hammered the socket the next size down and stripped it off too. I had to leave it alone.

SO, I've decided to just quit, lick my wounds and put it back together. WELL NOW we can't get the transmission and motor connected. The Haynes book is like do ABC and then bolt it up. That didn't work. Then I called a ford house and told them whats going on and a guy told me to remove the u-bolt on the cross member that's connecting the transmission and slide it back, then set the motor down, then stick the trans back on motor. The problem with that is you can't get to the top of the u-bolt because it's incased. And we can't get the motor and trans to fully connect right. We finally got the transmission rod in the motor but it won't seat down flush. This was with a lot of pushing, shoving, some crow-bar, and jacking the motor and transmission up and down up and down and just can't get the freaking thing to line up.

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't continue to try and replace the bearing now that I'm almost there or not.

ACTUAL QUESTION I'm needing to know if there's a trick to get the trans and motor connected and how to do it.

I've pulled a '94 chevy 350 and it was pie compared to this. I'm done with Fords. I am thinking about getting a small 4x4 pickup anyway and now I'm just hoping NOT TO TURN $5000 pickup into a $1500 pile of parts.


I can prolly get photos if yall need them.

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, March 23rd, 2007 AT 8:43 PM

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