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September, 23, 2007 AT 12:33 AM

I have a Ford 2001 F 150 Supercrew, 127,000 miles, 4.6L engine. No major probs, serviced regularly per manual. Did get new tranny 50,000 miles when blew out but no probs. Since. Noticed humming noise coming from right front, seemed like worse when accelerating, but not consistant. Re-did wheel bearings, and now still notice but \now also happened when fully stopped at red lights, began the low pitch hum about 1 full minute, then stopped.

Any clues to what this is?


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September, 23, 2007 AT 3:49 AM

Now also

happened when fully stopped at red lights-Could be Steering Pump or AC Compressor-its not moving therefore the brake and suspension is out of the way for the problem.

Try disconnecting the belt one at a time to eliminate the noise from belt driven components-continues could be a transmission converter problem, check the the transmission level while engine is idling at park and drive.



September, 23, 2007 AT 7:41 PM

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thanks, I will try that. Hard to find someone other than dealer. As a female they give me gobbly gook and a big bill since I am car clueless.

Take it to a community college that has an automotive program and pay them a small fee or look around the neighborhood that fixes car or you can have the boyfriend or soon to be hubby get in there and get grease up to find the noise lol.

The belts that's where we start for the noise, if not the belt come on back and I'll try my very best on it.

Hope this helps and Good Luck



October, 20, 2007 AT 3:38 PM

Problem posting reply but will try: took it to mechanic, he drove it around, never heard the noise. No charge! (Imagine that!) 1 block away as I drove off. Of course it started up again. Doesn't matter if still or in motion, is off and on.

Had oil changed at Evans Tire, guy said Fords notorious for this, something about the belt gets glazed, don't worry. So I guess I won't until something breaks?

Thanks for your help. It does seem to come from the Serpentine belt.



October, 24, 2007 AT 12:27 PM

Try taking off the eng cover to expose the idle air control valve, while the humming is happening, unplug the valve while holding the throttle open partially to keep it running, if the humming stops then you need to replace the iac valve, very easy, two bolts and one connector.

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