2006 Ford F-150 Odd air behavior

  • 2006 FORD F-150

Air Conditioning problem
2006 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 51000 miles

Having trouble with the air in my F150. When the truck is started, the air does not blow cold. I can let it idle for 15 minutes, and it does not blow cold at all. Once I start moving, the system will gradually blow cooler air. If I stop, say at a red light, the system stops cooling again. This has happened since the truck was new. I've had it for warranty service 6 times; each time the dealer says it's working like it should, sometimes after topping off the refrigerant. After they top it off, it seems slightly better for a month or so, then I'm right back where I started.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Hello. Thanks for the donation. Much appreciated

sounds like you may have a slight leak in the system somewhere or the PCM is not getting a signal it requires to activate the A/C?

Air Conditioning
The A/C refrigerant system is a clutch cycling orifice tube type. The system components are:
A/C compressor
A/C condenser core
A/C evaporator core
Suction accumulator
Connecting refrigerant lines
The refrigeration system operation is controlled by the following:
Evaporator core orifice tube.
A/C cycling switch.
A/C compressor pressure relief valve.
A/C high pressure cutoff switch.
The refrigerant system incorporates an A/C compressor controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM) through an A/C clutch relay.
The A/C cycling switch senses evaporator core pressure to control A/C compressor operation.
An evaporator core orifice tube is installed in the condenser-to-evaporator line at the A/C condenser fitting to meter the liquid refrigerant into the evaporator core.
The A/C compressor clutch will only be engaged by the PCM if all of the following conditions are met:
The climate control assembly is set to a mode which provides an A/C request to the instrument cluster. This request is then transferred to the PCM through the CAN bus.
The A/C cycling switch is reading an acceptable low side refrigerant pressure.
The A/C high pressure cutoff switch is not open due to excessive pressure in the high side of the refrigerant system.
The A/C compressor relay is energized by the PCM.
The engine coolant temperature is not excessively high.
The PCM has not detected a wide open throttle (WOT) condition.
An A/C compressor pressure relief valve is installed in the compressor manifold and tube assembly to protect the refrigerant system against excessively high refrigerant pressures.

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