2006 Ford F-150 noise

  • 2006 FORD F-150
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 21,610 MILES
My 2006 f 150s brakes squeck. When you put on the brake it stops. It sounded like it was comming from the left front. I jacked the front up and the wheels were hard to turn. I then pulled the left front wheel off and couldnt turn the rotor by hand. I put a bar between the studs and that was the only way to turn it. I took the caliper off and the pads are good. Without the pads the caliper turned freely. I put the pads back on without the caliper and again couldnt turn the rotor without the bar. Any suggestions? The noise is getting very embarassing.
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Sunday, August 29th, 2010 AT 3:01 PM

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See my profile....Imma CJ Guy and I answer alot of the CJ stuff 7s and 5s

I talk in circles, But if you stay with me, I DO FINALLY, GET TO THE POINT!

You may even get a story, too!

I do sorta get personal and Carried Away with my answers...MY ANSWERS ARE NOT.........., ONE LINERS...FIGURE OUT A BUNCH OF TECHNICAL STUFF YOURSELF!

So bear with me....I am a member like you, I have achieved "HELPER" Status, cause somebody higher thinks that, "CJ MEDEVAC DOES HELP PEOPLE".........I do not get Paid Per ANSWER....This is my Hobby, and I am Just attempting to HELP YOU!

I do not know your rig or how the brake system is configured.

I had a '79 CJ 5 My Right Front caliper would............, I'M SORRY,The CRAPPY THING Locked up on me about 15 times......I had to wait it out.....THE SITUATION...Not only pissed me off, but involved others too!

Upon investigation, It did it, only when you hit the brakes (DUH!!!).....and it would release on its own after about 5-20 minutes.....I was not prepared. (I AM NOW!)

I had to brake here and there, on a 15 mile Journey Home, to get to my tools......Slow and Fun.....Any other day I wouldn't need to use them much.....'cept there were alot of "MURPHYS" on the road that evening.....work ....More Pissy People on my rear! . Especially when I panicked and Locked It Up!

So I used the Parking Brake w/ foot and held the release out......and braked aways off, before I had to stop. Gearing Down Helped......This was A little better....My CJ Brake lights only work off of the Real Brake Pedal...Not the Handbrake......Several Murphys did not understand that section in the Drivers Handbook......."SAFE INTERVAL"

This was a new one on me (back when I was a paratrooper 1985....and not a SELF CERTIFIED REAR LAWN VEHICLE TECHNICIAN, as I am Now.)

I made it home, but made no friends.

I found that if I broke the bleeder loose, it would release......same if you broke the hose loose.

My conclusions were: The Caliper was fine....and after locking it up again and undoing the other end of the hose....STILL REMAINED LOCKED!.....I decided the PROBLEM was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHORT HOSE attached to the caliper.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY (Thank God, you say!)

At least with mine, The Short Brake Hose to the Caliper was ALLOWING BRAKE JUICE INTO THE CALIPER.....BUT NOT OUT!...


I have heard of this many times since my experience, I have heard that, not only the Caliper Hoses to each caliper do this........But the Hose Common to both calipers can LOCK UP BOTH SIDES (Like on mine, from the Axle to the body)

Like I said, I do not know your rigand it could be something in the ABS stuff you may have.


I hope its as simple as a hose replacement.

If not, PLEASE Resubmit your question...Exactly the same.....I will leave it alone......And go back over to the CJ Forums, with my tail tucked.

The Medic

Now this is a REAL VEHICLE! My #2 Jeep "WILLY"


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Sunday, August 29th, 2010 AT 7:16 PM

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