2004 Ford F-150 engine fail safe mode

  • 2004 FORD F-150
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 38,000 MILES
The truck wont start it will turn over and try to start then just die. Im getting codes p606 and p1235 a pcm processor fault and a fuel pumpo control out of range. What can cause the fuel pump out of range code because ultimately I think thats whats causing the pcm error code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 AT 9:32 AM

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Nope, PCM replacement is the usual fix for P0606, read this!
High Data Rate System The HDR Misfire Monitor uses a high data rate crankshaft position signal, (i.E. 18 position references per crankshaft revolution [20 on a V-10]). This high-resolution signal is processed using two different algorithms. The first algorithm, called pattern cancellation, is optimized to detect low rates of misfire. The algorithm learns the normal pattern of cylinder accelerations from the mostly good firing events and is then able to accurately detect deviations from that pattern. The second algorithm is optimized to detect hard misfires, i.E. One or more continuously misfiring cylinders. This algorithm filters the high-resolution crankshaft velocity signal to remove some of the crankshaft torsional vibrations that degrade signal to noise. This significantly improves detection capability for continuous misfires. Both algorithms produce a deviant cylinder acceleration value, which is used in evaluating misfire in the Generic Misfire Processing. Due to the high data processing requirements, the HDR algorithms could not be implemented in the PCM microprocessor. They are implemented in a separate chip in the PCM called an AICE chip. The PCM microprocessor communicates with the AICE chip using a dedicated serial communication link. The output of the AICE chip (the cylinder acceleration values) is sent to the PCM microprocessor for additional processing as described below. Lack of serial communication between the AICE chip and the PCM microprocessor, or an inability to synchronize the crank or cam sensors inputs sets a P1309 DTC. For 2004 MY software, the P1309 DTC is being split into two separate DTCs. A P0606 will be set if there is a lack of serial communication between the AICE chip and the PCM microprocessor. A P1336 will be set if there is an inability to synchronize the crank or cam sensors inputs. This change was made to improve serviceability. A P0606 generally results in PCM replacement while a P1336 points to a cam sensor that is out of synchronization with the crank. Profile correction software is used to learn and correct for mechanical inaccuracies in crankshaft tooth spacing under de-fueled engine conditions (requires three 60 to 40 mph no-braking decels after Keep Alive Memory has been reset). If KAM has been reset, the PCM microprocessor initiates a special routine which computes correction factors for each of the 18 (or 20) position references and sends these correction factors back to the AICE chip to be used for subsequent misfire signal processing. These learned corrections improve the high rpm capability of the monitor. The misfire monitor is not active until a profile has been learned. Page 1 of 1 DESCRIPTION & OPERATION - CNG, FLEX-FUEL & GASOLINE -2004 Ford Picku. 5/2/2009
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