2002 Ford F-150



November, 23, 2006 AT 9:21 AM

I have a 2002 F150 with a 4.6L V8 and 65,000 miles. After my truck has set for several hours and I go to start it, the gauges act up for just a minute. As the engine is firing the speedometer needle swings over to 100 mph and the tach pegs out at 6000 rpm. The oil pressure gauge pegs out, the battery needle swings up, and the engine temp needle swings all the way up. This lasts for approximately 2 seconds. The engine never sounds like it revs above 2000 rpm during this process. After a few seconds everything settles back to where it should be. I have checked to battery numerous times with a volt meter and have had it and my alternator checked at Auto Zone and the voltage never seems to drop below 12.4 volts. Any ideas? My Father-In-Law said he has had the same problem with another Ford and he replaced the battery and everything went back to normal. Any advice would be great! : D


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January, 5, 2008 AT 8:17 PM

Really sounds like a short somewhere. Also you may need a new cluster.

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