2000 Ford F-150



October, 4, 2009 AT 3:29 PM

Engine Performance problem
2000 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 82,000 miles

Trouble code is reading misfire on cyl 6 and random misfires. It is very noticeable New spark plugs have been installed

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October, 4, 2009 AT 5:46 PM

Hi there colin1@alaska. Net and TY for the donation this is what keeps the site going

P0306 -Misfire at a specific cylinder should prompt you to check the sparkplug, compression and injector for no. 6

P0300 normally caused by vacuum leaks and bad fuel

Misfires can be caused by worn or fouled spark plugs, a weak spark (weak coil, bad spark plug wire), loss of compression, vacuum leaks, anything that causes an unusually lean fuel mixture (lean misfire), an EGR valve that is stuck open, dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or even bad fuel.

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