1998 Ford F-150 shifting points messed up

  • 1998 FORD F-150
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 11,300 MILES
Hi my ford has a big problem. First when you start up and shift to rev. Its fine, shift to d. Its fine, but shift to 2nd and it stalls. Then go back to park, start it then shift to drive then its fine untill you are moving. Then it shifts too quick, it will pull out in 1st skip 2nd then to 3rd then to 4th before I reach 20 mph so i'm crusing along at 20 mph at about 600 rpm almost stalling out. Then I try to stop at a stop sign and if you don't start applying the brake about 500 ft from the stop it will stall out. It seems like it takes way too long to shift down to 1st gear. And if you pull into a parking spot and don't stall it when you start it up again it will pull out in whatever gear it was in sometimes 4thgear. And also the overdrine button on the shifter doesn"t work it just blinks off PLEASE HELP
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Saturday, March 6th, 2010 AT 8:51 AM

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Here is a tech bulliten on it, common problem is fluid level is low check that first, then scan it for stored codes.
E4OD - TCIL FLASHNG - CODES 62, 628, AND/OR 1728 TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 98-4-19, Date of Issue: March 2, 1998 Superceded Bulletin(s): 98-1-23, Date of Issue: January 19, 1998, 97-24-26, Date of Issue: November 24, 1997 Related Ref Number(s): 97-24-26, 98-1-23, 98-4-19 ARTICLE BEGINNING DESCRIPTION LAMP - FLASHING TRANSMISSION CONTROL INDICATOR LAMP (TCIL) WITH DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (DTCS) 62, 628 AND/OR 1728 STORED IN MEMORY TRANSMISSION - E4OD - FLASHING TRANSMISSION CONTROL INDICATOR LAMP (TCIL) WITH DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (DTCS) 62, 628 AND/OR STORES IN MEMORY ISSUE Some vehicles may exhibit a flashing Transmission Control Indicator Lamp (TCIL) and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) 62, 628, and/or 1728 may be stored in memory. These DTCs can be set by any internal transmission element slippage or potentially by torque converter slippage. ACTION Refer to the following text when servicing these codes. Always verify the customer concern. Proper diagnosis for DTCs 62, 628 and/or 1728 may require talking to the customer to find out if there were any other symptoms associated with the TCIL flashing, (i.E, shift concerns, erratic/early/late, proper torque converter operation, etc.), Prior to noticing the TCIL flashing. FORD LIGHT TRUCK: 1989-97 F Super Duty, F-250 HD, F-350; 1989-98 Econoline, F-150, F-250 LD; 1990-96 Bronco; 1997-98 Expedition LINCOLN- MERCURY: 1998 Navigator NOTE: This bulletin supersedes the following Technical Service Bulletins: 98-1-23 dated January 19, 1998 97-24-26 dated November 24, 1997 NOTE: When servicing a vehicle with a flashing TCIL with DTCS 62, 628 and/or 1728, do not replace the torque converter unless proper diagnosis has proven the torque converter to be the cause. Prior to transmission repairs for DTCs 62, 628 and/or 1728 or investigating other causes, repair all non-related transmission DTCs first, then repair all other transmission DTCs other than 62, 628 and/or 1728. Some of the other causes that may result in DTCs 62, 628 and/or 1728 are as follows: Aftermarket modifications (i.E, performance enhancers, electrical modifications, etc.) Missing shifts (some/all) Transmission fluid leakage (internal and/or external) Erratic shift timing Valves, springs or retainers in the main control/accumulator body not assembled correctly, binding or sticking Check balls missing and/or mislocated. Damaged, unable to seal/seat properly Higher or lower than normal line pressure Transmission fluid restrictions and/or level Erratic/inoperative vehicle speed and/or rpm sensor Poor engine performance concerns Any vehicle system concerns that could cause the strategy to detect a perceived internal slippage or change in the expected rpm of internal transmission rotating components may cause DTCs 62, 628 and/or 1728 to set. NOTE: ONCE DTCs 62, 628 AND/OR 1728 SET, OTHER TRANSMISSION FUNCTIONAL DTCs MAY NOT SET.
3/7/2010 .
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Sunday, March 7th, 2010 AT 10:33 AM

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