1996 Ford F-150 6cyl - no power.

  • 1996 FORD F-150
Hello, I just acquired a 1996 Ford F150 PU 6 CYL automatic. A friend moved out of state and gave it to me, it has 140K miles. It ran ok, sort of sluggish on the highway when I got it. It sat in my garage for about 4 months. I had to repair a problem with the rear suspension. In the mean time, I changed oil and filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor and the distributor as I noticed the housing was cracked when I replaced the cap. I also flushed the transmission and replaced filter and all new fluid. Lastly I replaced the fuel filter.

I was expecting the truck to perform much better but it does not. In park the motor sounds strong idols well and revs up nice and strong. When you start to drive the truck seems to have a hard time shifting, will stay in first and second a long time and also you can floor the pedal and nothing happens. The truck will eventually do 75 on the highway just takes a while to get there. You can sharply pump the gas pedal when you think it should shift and sometimes it does. After driving for awhile, it seems to get a little better but still far from normal. Any Ideas to get it running better?
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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 AT 12:48 PM

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Your pump may be going.
Was this
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 AT 7:10 PM

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