1995 Ford F-150



February, 19, 2007 AT 7:58 PM

I have a 1995 F-150 that has 180,000 miles on it. 2 weeks ago I had the spark plugs replaced and since then the truck has acted like it had a dead battery. I took it for diagnostics at a local repair shop. The battery, altenator and starter all checked out good, so my next step was to replace the solenoid. Still when I try to start the truck it still clicks like a dead battery, but lights, radio, etc work. If I put the charger on, it will start within seconds. I have checked connections to the starter and altenator, and made sure the battery terminals were tight and all of the connections to the solenoid were secure. This is very frustrating since I have never had a problem with this truck. Is the starter relay in need of replacement, and if so where is it? Or is it possible that I am having ignition switch problems that is not allowing contact. That really makes no sense, because when I put the charger on it will start right away.


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kin chan

February, 19, 2007 AT 9:00 PM

Okay.I gonna say something that u really hate. But so do I.I wanna know what kinda battery, alt, starter test the repair shop do. If they use something like a snapon model D-tacto test it with print result. What ur problem is. IT IS REALLY VERY SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT FORWARD. NOW --> do this and email me back to let me know.
Get ur battery fully charged and tested in any local national parts house such as O'reilly, Auto zone, NAPA. Disconnected ur battery cable overnite and put it all back together then start it. It it start right up. Then u have a parasitic electrical drain. And from what u were describing with a charger jumper. Thats exactly what it sounds like. What kinda shop can miss a simple job like this and completely ignored a customer complaint with no verification or follow up. Now. If u didn't pay em' for diagnostic then it is ur fault. No matter how simple it isthat u think. They hook stuff all over ur car and tell u result and don't get paid. No other profession than us while public expect em' to do it for free or li'lo to nuthing. Whatever other kinda professional will get paid when they perform a service except us.I hope this is not ur case. Look forward to hear it from u



February, 21, 2007 AT 2:14 PM

Taking the battery cables off and trying to restart it was done. Still doesn't work. I can charge the battery and it may not do it for a few hours, then it is back to having to be jump started. This all started when someone changed the plugs. I am wondering if they could have knocked something loose since I never had this problem before. Using a volt meter showed all elemnts were giving off the proper amps. Like I said, all of the power elemnts on this truck work even when it won't start. Brand new starter and altenator

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