F150 CODE 122

1991 Ford F-150



May, 31, 2009 AT 11:48 AM

Electrical problem
1991 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 149000 miles

I am getting a code 122 and the automatic transmission in my truck is shifting hard. The truck has been recently shutting off while driving although it usually starts back up. I jumped the VREF and TP terminals on the TPS sensor wiring connector and received a code 123 so I replaced the throttle position sensor. I jumped the VREF and SIG RTN terminals and I have 5.06 Volts at the sensor connection. I am still having the hard shifting problem. When installing the new TPS sensor did I need to somehow adjust it before the installation? I am not sure what to do next?


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May, 31, 2009 AT 12:28 PM

Hi drchase,

Thank you for the donation.

What is the engine type on the vehicle?

Code 113 is for Temperature Sensors.

Code 122 is for the throttle position sensor.

The engine type is required to get the correct info and diagnostics.



May, 31, 2009 AT 1:45 PM

Hi the engine is a 5.0 litre Fuel Injected V8



June, 1, 2009 AT 10:39 AM

There is no recommended adjustment for the TPS but it does have some free travel so you can try adjusting it. Seat it as cloe as possible to the original position.

I believe you have done this step.

10) Code 63/122:
Attempt To Generate Code 53/123 or 23/121 Code 63/122 indicates TP signal is less than minimum self-test value. Refer to Fig. 15


Possible causes for this fault are as follows:

TPS not seated correctly
Faulty TPS
Faulty ECA
Open circuit in vehicle harness
Grounded circuit in vehicle harness

Turn ignition off and wait 10 seconds. Disconnect TPS from harness. Install a jumper wire between VREF and TP circuit at TPS vehicle harness connector. Perform KOEO SELF-TEST. If no codes are generated, immediately remove jumper wire and go to step 14). Check for Codes 53/123 or 23/121 (ignore all other codes at this time). If Codes 53/123 or 23/121 are not present, remove jumper wire, and go to next step. If either Code 53/123 or 23/121 is displayed, replace TPS.

Next to do would be the following.

94) Continuous Memory Code 63/122:
Monitor TP Circuit Under Simulated Road Shock Conditions Enter KOEO wiggle test. See CONTINUOUS MONITOR MODE (WIGGLE TEST) under QUICK TEST. Observe VOM or diagnostic tester for indication of fault while performing the following:

Slowly open throttle to WOT.
Slowly bring throttle to closed position.
Lightly tap TPS and wiggle connector.

This test checks for open or short in TPS, connectors and vehicle harness. If fault is indicated, disconnect TPS. Inspect connectors and terminals. If connectors and terminals are okay, replace TPS. Clear Continuous Memory Codes and repeat QUICK TEST.

This is the range chart which you can check if it is within range.



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