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July, 7, 2007 AT 6:36 PM

1991 Ford Explorer, 4wd, 272,000 kms. For a number of years the high beams have been coming on and staying on. I burned out a couple of alternators and starters. The high beams did not come on when the headlights were on, so I started to drive the car with the headlights on at all times. This seemed to solve the problem for a few years until a a couple of months ago when the the high beams began to go on even when the headlights were on. The high beams now go on and off on a regular basis with no pattern to it. The vehicle has been running ok, however, I am afraid that I will begin to go through starters and alternators again. I don't have any confidence in the electrical system. Do you know what the problem is?


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July, 8, 2007 AT 8:52 AM

Check the connector and the headlight switch.

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