1998 Ford Explorer



August, 11, 2008 AT 6:23 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Ford Explorer 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

at certian times my suv will not start turns over just find but dose not start let it set and it will start this has happen 3times in the past 2 months any sugestions, thanks joe


2 Answers



August, 11, 2008 AT 6:45 AM

Will not start turns over just find but dose not start

To determine if its fuel or spark problem do below

Get a carb cleaner and spray into the carb or the throttle body on an EFI. Did it start and die? If not disconnect a sparkplug wire or 2 and ground it to the engine -have helper crank engine over-do you have a snapping blue spark? If so-you have a fuel problem, check the fuel pressure to rule out the fuel pump/pressure regulator and listen to the injector/s are they pulsing or hook up a noid light. No snapping blue spark continue to troubleshoot the ignition system-power input to the coil/coil, distributor pick-up coil, ignition control module, cam and crank sensors-



August, 11, 2008 AT 6:46 AM

U need to check for fuel pressure and spark when it doesn't start for you

check relays

check if security light on or blinking

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