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Brakes problem
1997 Ford Explorer Automatic

I was trying to change the rear brakes on a 97 Explorer and ran into a problem. I got the old brakes off without too much of a problem, but I can not get the new ones on. I can not get the cylender/piston that compresses the pads to stop the vehicle to retreat at all. I had 0 luck with a C-Clamp. I read somewhere that you need a special tool and that the piston must be screwed back, so I went to Autozone and borrowed the tool. However there are no notches on the piston for the bumps on the tool to fit into like the people at the parts store said there would be (or needed to be for the tool to work). Any help here? Thanks.
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NOTE:On rear brake calipers DO NOT remove caliper guide pin or caliper guide pin boots unless a problem is suspected. Caliper guide pins are meant to be sealed for life and are not repairable.

To prevent master cylinder overflow when caliper piston is depressed, remove and discard some brake fluid from master cylinder. Raise vehicle, and support with safety stands. Remove front wheel assembly. Place a large "C" clamp on caliper. Tighten clamp to bottom piston in cylinder bore. Remove clamp.
Remove dirt around caliper pin tabs. Tap upper caliper pin toward inboard side of vehicle until pin tabs touch spindle face. Insert screwdriver into slot provided behind pin tabs on inboard side of pin. Using pliers, compress end of pin while using screwdriver to pry until tabs slip into spindle groove.
Place a 7/16" diameter punch on end of pin, and drive caliper pin out of caliper slide groove. Repeat procedure for lower pin. Remove caliper from rotor. Remove outer brake pad. Compress anti-rattle spring clip, and remove inner brake pad. Support caliper aside.
Replace pads if lining is less than.06" (1.5 mm) thick at any point.
CAUTION:During installation, DO NOT tap caliper pin too far into spindle groove. If this happens, tap pin in other direction until tabs snap back into place. Tabs on each end of caliper pin must be free to catch on spindle flanks.

Lubricate caliper pin and pad contact surfaces. Use "C" clamp to push caliper piston into piston bore until it bottoms out. To install, reverse removal procedure. Bleed air from brake system (if necessary).
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