1995 Ford Explorer



May, 30, 2009 AT 8:37 AM

Transmission problem
1995 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135k miles

my overdrive light keep blinking on my 95 explorer, it wont shut of, I disconnect the negative cable and it stay of for five minute, what do I need to do to repair this problem. Also here are the scan code 646 on 1 & 2 Gear and 647 for third gear, what do these code mean?

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May, 30, 2009 AT 9:28 AM

Hi robertwileyjr,

Thank you for the donation.

First thing that you need to do is to retrieve for Diagnostic Trouble Codes to understand what is causing it.

After that only would you be able to proceed with rectification methods.

Scans can be done at most large parts stores. Get the code and let me know the exact code.

Btw are there any gauges or indicators that are not functioning correctly?



May, 30, 2009 AT 9:37 AM

Well with everything that I can find it could be the overdrive button or the torque converter is also a very common problem. What I need you to do is see if you can the trouble codes from the transmission. What you need is a paper clip and a test light to get codes. Use the pic below to hook up. The top pic is what to use. Hook the test light up how they show the meter hooked up. Now they show a jumper wire from the self test input (single small connecto) to the signal return on the larger test connector that is where you put the paper clip so that they are connected. Now turn key on engine off and the test light will start to blink. It will blink once short pause then blink twice and longer pause then it will go to the next code. This is a code a 12 it means it is going into self test mode. Now with the rest of the blinks just count them in the same way get back to me on what you find.




June, 1, 2009 AT 5:45 PM

Here are the scan code 646 on 1 & 2 Gear and 647 for third gear, what do these code mean?



June, 2, 2009 AT 9:39 AM

These codes are indicating a transmission problem. Now there is a couple of tests for you to perform if you like. One is a drive test that you can do and then pull the codes again to see what is still present.
The other is a pin test. I say clear the codes and then do the drive test and see what codes come back. Here is how the drive test is to be done ok.
First warm the engine up to normal operating temp. Ensure that the transmission is full. Now put the truck into into drive and press the O/D switch to turn off overdrive. Your light should be on. Now get up to 40mph and hold it there for 15 sec (30 seconds if you are 4000 ft elevation or more). Now push the O/D button to go into overdrive and accel to 50 mph and hold for 15 sec (30 if above 4000 ft). Now while maintaining your speed use your other foot and light press on the brake pedal (just enough to make the lights come on) now maintain 50mph for another 5 secs. Now bring the truck to a stop for 20 seconds while keeping it in drive (like you are at a stoplight for 20 seconds). This driving cycle need to be done 5 times then we need to see what codes come back. If the codes come back then you will need to have a digital multi meter so we can do some pin tests at the transmission wire harness ok. Let me know how it goes.

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