2004 Ford Expedition

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 11,700 MILES
Will try to make a long story a little shorter. I had just filled my truck up and had gone less than 2 miles when I happened to looked down at dash and noticed that oil gauge was slowly rising. It went almost all the way up, then began going back down to the normal position. This rattled me alittle but I didn’t panic because it returned to normal. However, within a few mins the “low oil-high temp" red warning light came on. I immediately exited interstate and pulled over just as my truck died. It was towed to the nearest Ford dealership. This was on a Friday afternoon. When I had not heard from them by Monday afternoon, I called. Got the impression that my car was forgotten. I was told they would call me back. Again I had to call them. On Tuesday I was told that it seemed I needed a new radiator which cost approx $300-$400. I asked a few questions and the service rep then said he wanted to get with his tech and make sure of a few things and he would call me back. On Wednesday, I had to again call them. This time I was advised “to their regrets" that I needed a new motor which would cost approx $4,000.00. I said that I needed to consider my options and would get back to them. A few days later I go to the dealership's service dept to get an itemized copy of what is wrong with my truck and the estimated costs (as advised by my brother-in-law). I am given one paper that shows two prices: $6,000.00 new engine w/ 3 yr warranty and $4,800.00 for used engine (high miles) w/ 6 month warranty. As I am leaving lot I drive to back lot where my truck was left. To my shock, the truck is still in the exact crooked position as placed by tow truck. Additionally, a plastic clothes hanger that I had dropped when transferring luggage to rental car was exactly where it had originally fell, right behind the back driver’s side tire. This immediately told them that my truck had not been moved inside to be throughly checked out. More than once the service rep had referred to my truck being pulled in and checked, etc. I called service rep from my cell phone and tell him that I had a few questions and said I needed something stating the problem with my truck. Well I got nowhere with him and he refused to give me anything else, or walk back to my truck. Finally, a different rep came out with the tech. After blowing a lot of hot air the tech finally admitted that basically he had concluded that I required a new motor based on the black sluge he observed on the oil cap. No further diagnostics were ever performed. At this time my car cranked up and no warning lights ever came on. At this point the service rep and tech huddled and then told me that I had another option that would only costs approx $860.00, involved something with oil gasket. I am still furious. A friend towed the truck to his house until I tell where to take it for repairs. Several people who are very car- repair-wise but not certified technicians have all stated their opinion, which all have been the same. Radiator not motor, which is what I was initially told by the repair shop. I am so upset because I feel that the repair shop was definitely tying to rip me off. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way did I mention that I am a female and the Ford dealership repair shop is approx 110 miles from where I live.
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Sunday, July 5th, 2009 AT 1:17 AM

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First of all, I agree with you. Chances are there is nothing wrong with the engine. However, I'm a little confused on one issue, the oil pressure. Have you changed the oil on a regular basis? There is a pressure releaf on the oil pump to prevent too much oil pressure from building. If that was bad, the oil pump would need replaced. Not a 6000.00 job. Also, was there any coolant leaking or did you hear the coolant boiling? And finally, now that the car is home, if you start it, how is it running?
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Thursday, July 16th, 2009 AT 11:22 PM

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