Excursion runs rough, misfiring


I decided to wash the exterior of the engine compartment at the local DYI Car Wash with the usual "Engine" cleaner and spray rinse. I was careful not to spray real close to anything as the pressure on some of these things are very high. After I was finished, I drove away without incident, parked at my office and then ran errands one hour later. About five minutes into the trip the engine was running very rough and eratic as if two or more spark plugs were foul.

I suppose I got water into the spark plug area somehow and I am wondering if I did, how long will it take for the condesation to evaporate? It runs rough at acceleration, sputters, runs normal for a few seconds and sputters again. Should I see a mecahanic and how long should I wait to confirm or dismiss my suspicions?

Thank You

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Monday, August 13th, 2007 AT 6:04 PM

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