1999 Ford Escort



April, 5, 2010 AT 6:41 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Ford Escort 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 108000 miles

I have a 99 ford escort that I have had for 5 years now. Everytime the air temperature outside gets like 80 degrees or hotter my car acts like it vapor locks. I work construction and usually work an hour or more from home and this problem usuallly only happens after you have been driving for 35 minutes or longer. You will be driving alone just fine and all of a sudden the car will just stop accelerating and start hesitating. It won't stall out and the service engine soon light won't come on so you cannot pull any codes. All you have to do is put the car in neutral and shut the car down, then turn it back on and you are good to go for a few miles down the road and the whole process starts over again. I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times now and the fuel filter has been changed. I have taken it to a handful of mechanics and they just cannot seem to figure out the problem. Replacing the fuel pump the last time seemed to help for awhile but why would the fuel pumps keep on being bad all the time. The last one they put in was a brand new one and have had a remanufacured one put in too. If you could help I would appriciate it because this problem is driving me crazy.


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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April, 7, 2010 AT 10:13 AM

Ok so do you have a digital multi meter? Have you replaced anything else? I would like to check a couple of sensor if you are up to it. This car can't vapor lock so I don't feel that is the problem. See a vapor lock is when the fuel getts hot enough to vaporize before the pump therefore pumping fumes not fuel and with you pump in the tank this can't happen. I understand this is probably the best way to explane how you car is acting. Get back to me and we will go from there.

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