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I have a 2001 Ford Escape 4x4 that I purchased brand new. I take it to the dealership for regular routine maintenance and repairs. Since I purchased the vehicle, I have had to replace the master cylinder twice, and have had to install new rotors and drums 4 times. The mechanic has told me this is normal wear and tear. The parts and labor are over $1000 each time. Is this accurate? Can the brakes go bad after one year, year after year that would require complete replacement of the brake parts? I also have a Jeep Liberty that I have owned for over 3 years and have only had to replace pads and shoes once. The Ford is driven more often, it has 80K miles on it, but I have a hard time believing the brakes need replacing this often. Please help!
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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 AT 1:04 PM

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I love responding to this one. Maybe it is just the day and the way things are going, but you are being ripped off. Whether the brakes are bad or not I am not in a position to say. Also what junk they call brake pads is another question. The cost of the job is a rip. Brakes are not hard to do, so the cost is so far out of line.

Next time they recommend brakes, don't let them do it. They are obviously putting on OEM brakes and the OEM standards on that brake system have to be sadly misrepresented. Go outside to a garage and have them put on ceramic pads.

The only other comment I might make is the driving conditions you run the vehicle with. In other words, what do you do with the brake pedal. I assume it is an automatic and is it possible that you are a "brake rider"?

The master cylinder being replaced twice is also rediculous. I expected Ford to have a better part than that but the Escape is the low end SUV so I can't speak for their parts. With a master cylinder, you know it went out and diagnosis is pretty easy.

Nice and comfortable going back to the dealership but knowing they are ripping you off is not acceptable.
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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 AT 1:15 PM

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