2004 Escape v-6

  • 2004 FORD ESCAPE

At 68,000 miles the engine was replaced under warranty. After that the engine never seemed quite right. At 78,000 miles I took it in because it had lost all power and the Ford dealer replaced the catalytic converter and it ran ok but something I thought was not quite right. The check engine light came on about a week later and 2 weeks after it had come on I took it back and they told me that the engine (computer) was reading low octane, they reset it and told me to use a higher octane gas. I did that for 2 weeks but after the 2nd tank full the light came back on. I waited about a month and a half ( meanwhile I had put about 10,000 miles on the car) and then took it back to the Ford place. They then said it needed a major tune-up (almost $600) and a new CC but it wasn't under warranty now and it would cost me money to which I said no way (but I did have them do the tune up. The light came back on after 2 days. I was told by my cousin (who is a certified GM tech) that I had an exhuast leak and that what probly happened was the following: the sensor was thinking low octane because of the exhaust leak and and causing the car to run rich and clogging the converter prematurly. The ford dealership says that it could not happen that way and I will still have to pay for a CC ( which I am going to do because I need the car.) What I want to know is, can my cousins senario be true? Because the exhaust leak had been there since they relaced the CC and they are even taking care of (FREE) the gasket that just so happens to be connected to the CC. If the leak caused the CC to go bad and I did take it in afterwards and they said the low octane thing, I do not think I should pay for it. I need to know what you think. Thanks

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Thursday, January 4th, 2007 AT 11:07 AM

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