1994 Ford E-Series Van repeated rear wheel bearing failure

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1994 Ford E-Series Van V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

E-150 Van purchased from first owner with 89K. Due to the fact that this is my tow vehicle for my 18' flatbed trailer, I upgraded the rear axle diff to LSD (floating axle style) and slightly lowered the ratio to improve gas mileage.
While doing the upgrade I replaced the brakes, rear wheel bearings and axle seals.
After about 10K the right rear started growling - by the time I got to look into it, the failed bearing had chewed into the axle.
All the components were replaced (bearing, seal, axle, brakes) and the complete axle was flushed out to remove any metal fines and chips before installing the new parts. The rear axle was refilled with synthetic 75/90W and the recommended LSD fluid additive.
Now, 9000 miles later the new bearing started making noise again - and the seal failed spewing the rear-end lube all over the inside of the wheel/tire.
Before I replace the bearing again - I am concerned that the last failure damaged the axle housing so that the new bearing did not fit tight enough and possibly caused the early repeat failure. Short of replacing the entire rear axle is there any way to repair this situation and have it last longer than 9000 miles?

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 AT 1:19 PM

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