Ford Contour



September, 19, 2006 AT 4:22 AM

Hopefully I cant stump u guys with this question, I have a 1995 ford contour, I cant really describe the noise, but i'll try my best, ok when I drive the car, windows are up and radio is off, I hear the over all car noise, like engine humming but it sounds like it goes loud but not really loud then soft to were u can still hear it, and it does this while im coasting, its like something isnt spinning right, thats the best I can describe it. It keeps making the sound, loud, soft loud, soft, loud, soft until I start to brake. Theres nothing wrong with the wheels, or anything like that but the tires could be replace, I dont know, maybe that big pole thing that spins under the car? Im not sure please help![/B]

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September, 30, 2006 AT 3:58 PM

Timing chain, harmonic balancer

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