1996 Ford Aerostar 4.0 AC/heat problem?


This is for my parents, they own a 1996 aerostar van and the ac went out, so they took it to a local shop and they replaced the ac compressor the condenser a few line and hoses and flushed the sytem and added the freon. 1355.00 later they picked it up the next day due my parents needing the van for work, and when they picked it up they said that the ac isnt blowing that cold(i would have put up an arguement, my parents didnt know better or just really needed it back) anyway, the mechanic said the the ac isnt blowing as cold due to a heater relay being stuck on while the ac is blowing causing heat to block some of the cool air. And this is why the ac burnt up the first time and instructed my parents to bring it back and not to drive it. What. So they called me and I called the parts store to see what they said, and I was told that there is no such relay for the heat, there is a relay for the ac and the blower motor but that was it? I even looked in the manual, didnt see anything either? So after all this work why is it not blowing cold and why would they say heater relay? Sorry for the writing so much I was just trying to explain the best I can, thanks chace?

anyone have any idea's before my parents take it somewhere else and get ripped off again? When the vehicle is running, and you trun the heater on it works fine, then turn to the ac and it blows but not cold.I checked and when both are off. There is no heat leaking out the vents. Dont know, ive been told it might be the expansion valve off the heater core, or some kind of bend door(i think) off the ac unit itself that might be stuck open, for all I know they might have put a low amount of freon in it so my parents would bring it back. But still, why would they say heater relay, and if it was bad why didnt they change it. Any help wopuld be great!

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 AT 6:33 PM

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