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1998 Other Fiat Models V12 Front Wheel Drive Manual 87000 miles

Hi, I recently bought a Fiat Marea 2.0 HLX which within 30 miles developed the following problem(s).
The car wouldn't go into gear as I prepared to go after the lights changed, after turning the car off and back on I popped it into gear and eventually would drive (in 2nd gear). I noticed the clutch pedal was sitting quite low down and after lifting the pedal up with my toe it sat in the right position and the gear felt like it would move in and out of gear without a problem (but as I was driving it back to the dealer and didn't fancy risking it, I left it in 2nd gear to limp back to the dealer).
They had a closer look and said they found the cable which releases the bonnet had worked loose and fallen between the clutch mechanism and they pinned it into place using cable ties to prevent it from happening again.
Is this a problem which is heard about or something that's possible? The car drives quite well otherwise for something about 12 years old! The brakes are a little spongey but I believe this is down to the car sitting for a month or two without much movement. Also the fuel gauge is off as I topped it up with £50 of fuel and it only moved to a quarter full! I've been told that if I fill the car up it should re-set the measure.
Any help would be really great! I'm due to pick the car back up this weekend so please let me know if this is a lemon or just a niggle which should be alright now.

Thank you!
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 AT 2:48 PM

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I would suspect you have bought a lemon and would ask for your money back or for repairs to be carried out. Start by having the clutch replaced
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 AT 10:46 AM

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