Fast blinking turn signal, front and rear bulbs light up

  • 1.5L
  • 2WD
  • 110,000 MILES
My 2003 grand caravan cargo van is a no frill ride. It has no turbo, no power windows, no fog lights, no rear speakers or vents. It does have a working am/fm/cassette tape radio, cold A/C, power stearing and a toggle switch on both front doors tjat locks/unlocks all the doors. Both rear sliding doors will sucumb to gravity and close themselves, if you are parked on downhill grade and get them started.

Today the right turn signal started clicking double time so I pulled over to see if the front or back signal bulb was burned out. I knew from replacing more than one tailight assembly ("No sis, my car does not have a back-up camera like your M class." CRUNCH! "I guess its longer than yours too." ) That I can replace a rear bulb without having to go home for tools.
I pulled over, put it in park, turned the right signal on, and jumped out to run around and strangely both front and back passeger-side signal bulbs are lighting up just fine, except for the double-time blink rate in front amd back. I tried the left turn signal and ran around again. Both left signal bulbs are blinking at the normal rate. Also tried hazzard mode. All four signal bulbs blink at the regular interval. Desparate to find something I could correcft myself, I opened the hood and looked in the fuse box. I did note a bit of road dust in the front of the compartment like it had not been sealed correctly but nothing to indicate moisture had gotten in there. All the 15 and 20 fuses for anything that looked even close to light or tail were good and seated well.
Possibly related? The cruise control would not engage today. A few months ago the cruise control got flaky and would turn itself off (or give up?) In really gusty winds.

Also about a month ago backed into my husbands F150 front bumper corner (pet to vet drama) and put a nice dimple in the rear gate. It flexed up at the outer edges enough that we can just latch it down in place. The gaskets make enough contact to keep the rain out.

Trying to avoid another $300 dealer diagnostic bill for yet another $1,200 reapir. My local guy has been getting $800-1100 for the last couple years. Makes it hard to save up for a new or newer used car.

Any advice would be appreciated. My husabnd can do eletrical work if he knows what to do where.
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