Engine noise and oil light coming on

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After getting the cars oil changed and a tune-up because the oil light kept blinking after 20+ minutes of driving and going on and off when I stepped on the brake peddle, I now have the same problem along with a continuous grinding engine noise. They have replaced 2x's the Valve Cover Gasket and an Oil Pump along with Spark Plugs & Wires, something called a dual chain, upper and lower Gaskets, and removed the engine 3 different times before finding the clamps that hold the oil pump where cracked and replacing the Oil Pump twice. This process has taken 3 months and after getting it back the car runs beautifully and feels like it's new but still has the engine noise and when I drove it for about 40 miles the oil light came on only when stepping on the brakes. Now they are suggesting I need a new engine and are not charging me to do this.

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 AT 6:40 AM

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The lack of oil pressure has caused damage to the main and con-rod bearings. Wear of the con rod bearings would result in noises when engine is operating and the noise would increase when engine rpm is increased.

As to the oil light indicating low oil pressure, worn main bearings would result in pressure loss and the engine requires rebuilding. If replacing the engine is a cheaper option, that would be recommended.

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 AT 6:47 AM

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