Engine does not start somedays but other days it does

  • 2006 SATURN ION
  • 4 CYL
  • 43,000 MILES
I bought the car with 40,000 miles and it was in relatively good shape-got the basics done when u buy a used car and the car had not been used often for 6 months prior. Before that, my relatives grandfather owned it in Florida. The car is used by my dhtr for school and her usual trips to the mals, friends house, etc that any teenager would do. Never a PROBLEM UNTIL Christmas MORN. I make sure gas never goes below 1/2 or 1/4 tank ever, oil change, the usual. We drove it on the Eve and decided to leave it there while we used another car and my nephew would not drive it over Christmas morning. The car did not start and as dead. We decided to leave it there until the 26th. It was not touched on the 25th at all. The morn of the 26th-I went over, bateery seemed fine and the car started with zero problems. My dhtr took it and ran around town. This was ok until the 28th and my dhtr was 3 blocks away and slept at her friends house- came out and car did not start- I went over 2 hours later-started like a charm. I called the mechanic and he told me ---bring it in. We then replaced the starter, I received a brand new battery for free due to the warranty and he did the struts on the front. Ok until JAN 1-the car did not start again-but 2 hous later--started like a charm-the mechanic told me ok- seems odd bring it back-well the cold and snow hit and of course the car did not start but it is in my driveway. I tried on Saturday and did not start but 3 hours later-no problemo and then of course sunday when I went to start, same thing and then I waited until a few hours later after doing what I needed to do and started like a charm-I drove to the mechanic-dropped off the keys-he is off sundays but he told me Saturday to try to start in neutral and I could not and told him- the car was dropped off on sunday, and I called him last nite-he told me the car started each time with zero efoort and he has looked and could not determine the problem. The weather in nyc is 5degress with wind that is -20, I want to see what he says today about the start. The one thing I hear when I try to start and it does not is a slight hum ---any ideas?
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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 AT 5:12 AM

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Sounds Like your Mechanic is just guessing and wasting your money. Sounds like s bad ignition switch really common on those cars. When they fail they wont start when the temp drops bellow 40 degrees. When it wont start out the key in the run position is the security light on solid or flashing?If so have someone use a professional scan tool read codes from the body control module computer. A diyer scan tool or free code read at a auto parts store cant read that computer. IF you have a B2960 and or B3033 in the body control module computer then you have a bad ignition switch. The guy working on your car should have checked this right off the bat. He probably didnt have a scan tool that could read all the computers in your car. But shame on him for just throwing parts on the car and not finding the real problem. Its a really common problem I have replaced tons of bad ones. Its not just on the saturn the chevy cobolt and chevy hhr has the same problem. The guy working on the car could have googled it and found it they may not have listed the codes it sets but the symptoms and the problem would have been there. Also there is a bulletin from saturn they put out Regarding the problem. SO Guess he doesn't like to look for bulletins.I would find a new person to fix your car from now on.
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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 AT 7:41 AM

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