Electrical issues, lots of electrical issues

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Power windows: Getting power to motors, motors, switches, all connections good- wont work. Grounding problem somewhere?

Heater control unit: Lights go out when brakes are pressed.

Running lights: do not work.

Turn signals: Only work when the headlights are on.

Tag lights: Flash in sync with turn signals.

And there are probably more I have not noticed yet. The previous owner fancied himself to be an electrician. I already dealt with several hideous splices and a couple of missing grounds, but there must be more that I cannot find. Any advice (even if it seems stupidly obvious) would be greatly appreciated, I am getting at my wits end with this mess.
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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 AT 5:08 PM

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Oh boy this could get "fun". I have worked on fire equipment where two to three agencies have added/removed various items so I know this issue very well.

Anyway, If you apply power directly to the window motors (dark blue and brown wires) do they work? (Reverse the wires for up/down) If direct power does not work then the motors are either shot or the internal circuit breakers that stop the motor when full up/down have failed. Either one means replacement of the motors.

The heater lights sounds like the connector is rubbing or damaged over the steering column area.

Running lights are all fed from one circuit brown wire is positive feed from light switch pin A. That is fed from the fuse panel park lamp fuse that runs power out to the horn relay on the orange wire and back into the light switch on an orange wire.
If the horns work and the cigar lighter works the feed out to the relay is okay.
Then Jumper 12 volts to one of the brown wires feeding a parking light and see if the lights come on. If they do the issue is probably the switch itself.

Rear tag lights - bad ground on one of the tail lights would cause that. The tag bulbs take less power to turn on. Those are both black wires that go to the body.
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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 AT 6:03 PM

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