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Transmission problem
1993 Eagle Talon 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 255000 miles

I have a 93 eagle talon tsi with the 2.0L turbo. Ive owned this car for about 6 months now. Ever since I got it it had a low clutch. It would grind into 3rd and reverse the worst. I replaced the clutch slave and master cyls, bled new brake fluid threw the system, replaced the clutch with OEM, shimmed out the fork, and adjusted the pedal as far as I could. And still no change! I put in a short shifter and it helped with the grinding for about a month. Before I put the short shifter in I couldnt even get it in 3rd : S I can shift without the clutch, so I know my syncros are fine. ANY OTHER IDEAS?

Sunday, August 8th, 2010 AT 1:06 PM

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