1992 Eagle Talon



January, 8, 2010 AT 9:08 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Eagle Talon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 160000 miles

I wonder if it a timing belt, or the alternator, as I have noticed the lights dimming sometimes, and the car is bouncing all over the place, almost jumping, I can stop that a lil bit by manipulating teh clutch or changin when I push the gas, and I noticed oil on top of the plentum cover on top of the valve cover on top of the engine, or whatever u cqll it, im unsure, now I ve not seen the car losing oil at all anymore, but the oil looks contaminated somewhat, like maybe the coolant is getting into it, so maybe it's the head gasket? Or what does any1 know what this sounds like? I can stop it doing this by manipulating the clutch pedal a lil bit, and maintaining a certain speed where its not jumping all over the place i've put some major k's on it even like this it drives ok, but im almsot certain it willl be causing, me some major damage soon? If it isn't looked at & fixed properly? Any1 thats ewver seen saomething like this on their own car/

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