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I have replaced the starter, brain, coil x2, alternator, battery cables, new filters, (fuel and oi)l, radiator (due to a pin hole leak) distributor cap, thermostat, valve cover and oil pan gaskets, had the timing adjusted, and increased the idle slightly, remounted the coil to the firewall, (was mounted to the engine) and all spark plug wires. I have also had to wire a push button start, due to a loose ignition switch in the column. The problem is the truck turns over, but it doesn't always start, sometimes it rolls and fires right away, but half the time it refuses to start until I open the hood, and bridge the starter with a wrench, and give it a little starter fluid through the air filter or to the carb. Once its running it goes like a champ. It always starts -eventually-, sometimes it just takes a while. A secondary problem, the engine has a click that comes and goes, louder when it first starts, and then goes away, and comes back randomly as the truck is run. I will be replacing the spark plugs, and doing a compression test, though from a visual inspection the plugs are clean. Any help would be appreciated.

Monday, July 2nd, 2007 AT 11:58 PM

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Fixed the starting issue, by bypassing the ignition switch, and creating basically, a controlled hot-wire, with toggle switches, but now the alternator is pumping out too much voltage, melting the volt-meter and nearly causing a fire. Help would be appreciated.

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007 AT 2:03 PM

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