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July, 30, 2010 AT 11:58 PM

Engine Performance problem
1989 Dodge Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 78000 miles

We have received a RV with a dodge truck front, which has 440 V8 Engine.

Problem: The RV has not been run in over ten years, and has been in the back of my wife's father house. It' just been in the backyard all this time.

We had it pulled to our house, and I have done some work on the RV part of it.

Question: How do I turn over manually, or initially start this V8 motor, which has not been running in ~ 10 years or so, " without hurting the internal parts, and causing some damage".

I've been told not to do a " hard start" of the vehicle.

What steps should I intially take, before attempting to start the engine after all of this time?



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July, 31, 2010 AT 12:14 AM

The biggest problem will probably be that the piston rings are rusted to the cylinder walls. Pull the plugs and spray in a lot of a good penetrating oil like PB Blaster, let it sit for a day and spray in some more. Definitely pull the distributor and spin the oil pump to lube the motor! If the engine turns with the starter then spin it for 30 seconds to blow out the oil before replacing the plugs. Change the points and condenser and cap and rotor if they look bad. Don't change the oil until it has run because it will be contaminated with the penetrating oil. This truck is pretty old but if you can get it to spin than you can get it to run! It will need a big tune up -new coil, plug wires, etc. Good luck! Don't forget to drain the old gasoline and put in some new gas and some dri gas to remove the moisture that has condensed in that vented tank for 10 years.



July, 31, 2010 AT 12:18 AM

Hi there,

Pull the spark plugs out and add a solution of diesel & 10 weight oil to each cylinder add about 100ml give or take and let sit for a day or so to soak in behind the rings, then drain the oil and change the filter, add engine oil and pre fill the filter with as much oil as you can, with the plugs still out turn the engine over by hand a few revolutions, if engine turns freely, place rags over the plug holes(remember that is oil in them still) and crank over for a few sec, let start rest and repeat, do this a few times, that will get oil in behind the rings and help unstick any, if they are to tight they will break on start up, drain fuel and change filter, fit plugs and try a start, do not worry about any smoke as it will be smokey for a while, hopefully this will minimise any potential ring damage due to sitting for so long.

Mark (mhpautos)



July, 31, 2010 AT 1:33 AM

I agree about what has been said, and also to drain the old possibly " gummy gas" in the gas tank!

One of you guys said to crank or turn the engine over manually? How do I do this? Do I put it in " neutral", and then put a wrench on the nut holding the fan belt. What I am saying is this. On Model T's, they had a hand crank that was placed and connected to the crank, just as on old propeller planes, to get them started.

I would like to crank the engine over, " manually", but this RV truck (440 V8 engine) is a " automatic transmission".

I also don't understand why I have to pull out the " distributor from it's shaft", that doesn't make sense to me. Please respond.




July, 31, 2010 AT 1:46 AM

With the spark plugs out, the engine will (or should ) turn over by hand (socket on crankshaft pulley bolt) fairly easily. The problem with hitting the starter even if oil has been added to the bores is that if a ring is stuck the sudden shock of the starter cranking it over may crack a ring, rocking and turning slowly by hand is the best way to break any seal between rings and bore with out doing any damage, the other mod is suggesting that the oil pump is driven by the lower section of the distributor, you can remove the distributor and with a large screwdriver blade fitted to a variable speed drill, you may be able to drive the oil pump manually and build up oil pressure before any start up,

Mark (mhpautos)

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