1992 Dodge Shadow Need help with this. Dodge Shadow 1992

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Engine problem
1992 Dodge Shadow 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 185059 miles

Well, I purchased a vehicle from a friend of mine and since I had purchased the vehicle, Occasionally it seemed like out of no where it would want to stall but it doesn't its like the motor stops entirely for a second then continues. Like its trying to run in reverse the whole car jerks. More so when turning corners. Checked the codes and it said vaccume and o2 sensor. I replaced the o2 sensor. Air filter. Plugs, wires. Cap n rotor kit are all new. Then as time went on now its becoming more often yet the problem now is the car sounds like a lawnmower. Has almost no power and when you put your foot on the gas it sounds like its leaking compression from the motor. It makes a weird sound.
Computer shows as Vaccume egr problem. Checked the egr and the ports are clear and the diaphram seems to work. There were some vaccume lines that were replace but were replaced with larger hoses. Im curious if this can cause a lack of vaccume to cause this. To me it seems a little more than lack of vaccume. And was spurratic and sometimes still is as youll get a lil burst of power. It really seems like its trying to run backwords. I wondered if it was timing but then sometimes it seems to run ok for a bit and there is no knocking of the valves or anything. Im stumpped. Should I just replace the egr?

As well the fuel pump was replaced in the last year and as well as the fuel filter but the fuel filter is leaking a small amount where the filter hooks up. Have a new one havent put it in yet and tapped the leak off so im fairly sure that's not the cause. Could backpressure cause the leak?

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 AT 10:28 AM

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