Dodge Ram



February, 12, 2007 AT 9:35 AM

Greetings -
Installed an ipod integration unit directly into the back of my factory radio. This unit plugs directly into the CD changer port and allows me to use my radio and steering wheel controls. The music sounds GREAT and everything works just fine.
(2004 Dodge Ram 1500)

I've been experiencing some weird dash lights and chime sounds coming on briefly while playing the music through my ipod & the unit.

How or why would connecting something to the CD changer port have anything to do with the computer to send signals to eluminate the dash lights?

I've been researching and trying to find if its something in the Ipod, the unit, or even the truck - could there be a computer flash that's needed? Or would I need yet another control box? I've got some ideas to try - but I'm baffled on why the computer is even invovled with radio diagnostics.

School me on how or why this is even remotely connected to the ECM.

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