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August, 18, 2006 AT 12:54 AM

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 46,000 v6 I just had the brake pads and rotors changed and the mechanic said the piston needed to be rebuilt because the brake fluid was not releasing all the way so it was like having my foot on the brakes all the time. But I asked some one else and he said the piston should not be replaced unless its leaking. I still have not had the piston rebuilt but the next day after I got the pads, rotors replaced the truck screeks so loud and when you stop you barely touch the brakes and you fly forward but theres times when they work fine also times when it takes the truck time to stop. That was two months ago and its still doing it. What could it be?
My other question was about the rpm I have a automatic and when im accelerating it takes for ever to change gears the rpm goes to 3 and stays and you hear it, sometimes I let off the gas for it will change. Also when the truck idles the rpm will rise above 2 and go back down then after a coupe of times doing that it will go back to normal. What could it be? Thanks


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September, 26, 2006 AT 2:41 AM

For your brakes I would have the caliper replaced and not rebuilt, for the rpms sounds like you have a bad spark plug and is make the cylinder misfire, give it a tune up

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