5.2L 318 timing marks?

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Subject vechile: 1989 Dodge ram van B-250, 5.2L 318 with TBI & 4-speed auto-tranmission.

I'm trying to verify TDC using harmonic balancer timing marks & distributor rotor position. The distributor is a "Hall effect" magnetic trigger type, also the engine was "disturbed" turned over with the distributor removed due to incompetence. I've got the #1 piston coming up on the compression stroke, verified by plug removal.
Haynes manual says-- then align the next timing groove on the H. Balancer with the TDC "0" timing mark cast on the timing chain cover. Viewed from the rear of the engine, the rotor should point towards the front of the engine, @12 o'clock. For cyl#1.
Chilton manual says-- "same find TDC" as above, but shows cyl#1 "TDC" rotor position pointing towards the passenger side of vechile @1 o'clock or so. I'm confused on which is the correct setup?
All replies to this thread are greatly appreciated.
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If number one piston is tdc then install the distributor with the rotor pointing to number one plug wire on rotor cap. This always worked for me in the old days, hopefully it hasn't changed.

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