1500 FUEL

2004 Dodge Ram



January, 17, 2007 AT 6:17 PM

I have a Ram 1500 and when I go to put fuel in it it shuts off like it is full. My fuel gauge is reading empty or a half a tank. It takes forever to put fuel in because it keeps shutting off. When I finally get it full the fuel gauge reads correctly.

Any help would gratefully appreciated.


1 Answer



January, 19, 2007 AT 6:40 PM

You have an electric fuel pump which has a sensor that indicates only as the float goes up. As you are fueling up the float maybe stuck or sticky until it is full it may loosen up. May have to drop your gas task, take out the electric fuel pump and check all the rubber peices on it. Probably just the float and may just need to be wiped off. For preventive measure, turn you ignition switch to the first position without starting the car and listen for the fuel pump loading up the lines. If it is super loud your fuel pump is probably going to go out sooner or later.

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