1995 Dodge Ram



May, 25, 2007 AT 12:02 AM

My 1995 Dodge Truck, 1500 Ram Series with a 5.2 liter, about 160,000 miles, will intermittently every 50 miles or so of driving begin a process of loosing power as if the timing was being turned toward the retard position until the engine finally stops. There are no signs of over heating; however, when I allow the motor to cool for approximately ½ hour, the engine will run good and back on the road again.

When the engine is declining in power, I do notice a mild fuel rich smell, but no visual smoke, which doesn’t appear the fuel pump is the problem as many have suggested. I do notice back firing through the intake when I try to accelerate – kind of gives me the opinion its timing related. I took the truck to my mechanic and they found no codes or malfunctions.

Is there a suspect component either on the engine or inside the distributor that reads timing position that would be temperature sensitive if malfunctioning? Would a throttle positing component cause such unusual behavior? I’m definitely at a loss and would greatly appreciate your assistance.


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May, 25, 2007 AT 1:18 AM

Could be all it needs a major tune-up-might also be the oxygen sensor, TPS, Airflow sensor and problem with fuel pressure.

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