Dodge Caravan 1995 130000K

  • 1995 DODGE

I have a std. Sized 1995 Dodge Caravan no ABS. When applying brakes especially at high speed the body will twist and pull to the right as if the brakes on the left are not engaged? When releasing the brakes the left front brake sticks and takes a few seconds to release completley, the right rear will lock up first when braking hard, but when depressed all the way I can get all four to lock up. But normal braking makes the van feel very unstable and dangerous! I have replaced the master cylinder with a new one and replaced the original sticky left front caliper with a rebuilt caliper, also new linings (front) and one new roter as the old one was badley pitted. The problem still exists, I have bled the brakes about 5 times front and back(30 strokes per wheel) never got any air after the first time. There are only 2 other components in the system, a pressure differential valve just below the master cyl. And one valve near the rear of the van with a linkage to the rear leaf spring shackle, not sure if this would have anything to do with it? The rear brakes are adjusted properly and release instantly. Any Ideas?

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Thursday, June 1st, 2006 AT 12:57 AM

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